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Pilipinas kong mahal

Ang bayan ko’y tanging ikaw,
Pilipinas kong mahal.
Ang puso ko at buhay man,
sa iyo’y ibibigay.
Tungkulin kong gagampanan,
na lagi kang paglingkuran.
Ang laya mo’y babantayan,
Pilipinas kong hirang.

Lupang Hinirang

Bayang magiliw
Perlas ng Silanganan
Alab ng puso
Sa dibdib mo'y buhay
Lupang Hinirang
Duyan ka ng magiting
Sa manlulupig
'Di ka pasisiil
Sa dagat at bundok
Sa simoy at sa langit mong bughaw
May dilag ang tula
At awit sa paglayang minamahal
Ang kislap ng watawat mo'y
Tagumpay na nagniningning
Ang bituin at araw niya
Kailan pa ma'y 'di magdidilim
Lupa ng araw ng luwalhati't pagsinta
Buhay ay langit sa piling mo
Aming ligaya na 'pag may mang-aapi
Ang mamatay ng dahil sa iyo

José Rizal: Sa landas ng Paglaya
(The path to liberty)

The documentary focuses on the life and hardships of Dr. Jose Rizal, who fought for the independence of our nation. The Philippines' Historical Commission created documentary to shed light onindividual who helped liberate country from colonial rule.
The documentary tells the tale of Dr. Jose Rizal's life, focusing on his ambitions and love to his native Philippines.
 It discusses how Dr. Jose Rizal's writings led to the concepts of freedom and revolution.
It also talks about the novels written by Jose Rizal himself, this novels delves into the psyche and ideas of the man behind the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, two of his most famous works.
The documentary began with a voiceover on how we may find solutions to the difficulties we face now and those from the past that we've experienced in the past.
Possibly we can find a solution to our current issues by looking into the past This documentary about Rizal opened my eyes to a lot of previously unknown facts.
To begin with, he has a close bond with his older brother, Paciano. and how he inspired Rizal's courage, and how he battled for our country's independence. Providing financial assistance to Rizal as well as moral encouragement for his endeavors.
As a hero in his own right, Paciano Rizal is not only Jose Rizal's brother. He fought for his nation and rose to become a general during the Philippine Revolution.
The experiences Rizal had while studying abroad allowed him to expand his horizons. It taught him liberal principles, such as how individuals should be free to enjoy themselves in society.
Because the Philippines is a former Spanish colony, the people of the Philippines did not have the rights that they should have.
Rizal then launched the propaganda campaign La Solidaridad, which focuses on the improvements that may be done in the Philippines to enhance the lives of the people.
He made many sacrifices while fighting for our nation, and even his family suffered because of his political activities, which were discovered by the authorities and led to an increase in the suspicion around him.
The local government targeted their family by raising the land rent in Calamba, which put them out of their home.
People were evicted from their homes after they were set on fire. Because it was too hazardous for him to go to the Philippines, his family forbade him from doing so, which is how they ended up meeting in Hong-Kong.  .....

Lolo José : The family carries on

Documentary about the family legacy of Dr. José Rizal.

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